Friday, April 12, 2013

HELP! My Phone System / Network is Down!

No doubt you have had to call a service organization to repair or replace equipment, be it telecom or network equipment. There are multitudes of service companies just waiting for your call. Just do a search on Google or Bing. Look through Craigslist. Anybody and everybody it seems, can do telecom, networking and cabling.

You should get to know your service company before an emergency happens. Know what their competencies are. Just because they've worked on phone systems doesn't necessarily mean they know your Avaya phone system. Just because someone knows how to get one PC to "see" another, doesn't necessarily mean they know networking. Many service companies claim or even boast of their competencies. It's easy for someone to say, yes, we're certified. Check out our qualifications page on our website,

Do you go with a large firm or a small firm? Plus and minuses for both. With large firms, you can get a multitude of various technicians. Usually because they subcontract their service personnel. But they can usually get someone out quickly because of the various personnel they can call upon. You may not get the most knowledgeable, but they are there quickly. With a small firm, you usually get the same technician and they can get there quickly as well. But we've had companies mention that they've overlooked the "little" guy because they are afraid of getting into a jam of finding a new vendor because the small firm went under. We've seen small and large firms go under. We've taken over a lot of business because of that through the years. We have our own clients, some with nationwide offices. But we also do a lot of service work for the large firms as well.

Bishop Computer has the certification and the experience and we're usually cheaper than most large firms in service rates. We're a small, family run company, but we are mighty in knowledge. And we've been in business since 1994.  Try us out. 

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