Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Building a Better VoIP System with Avaya IP Office and Avaya Networking

There is no better VoIP system than Avaya IP Office teamed up with Avaya's own ethernet routing switch!

At the end of last year, we received the great news that a Chicago customer of ours, was expanding and opening an office in Ohio. They have an older IP Office here in Chicago that we have been servicing for years. They wanted an Avaya VoIP solution at the Ohio location. We were happy to help! We provided:

Avaya IP Office IP500v2 R 8.1
Avaya IP 9608 phones
Avaya B179 IP conference phone
Avaya 3524GT-PWR+ PoE ethernet routing switch
SIP trunk licensing
SCN licensing

The equipment came in. We had unprecedented access with this client's network crew. It's harder than most people think to work with a client's IT company. Especially an outside firm. Everyone worked together very well. We preconfigured the IP Office and the switch. We were all ready to go. And then, there was the stand still. The client's service provider in Ohio could not bring SIP trunks to their new location. This answer came after waiting 3 months. 

The client then enlisted Level 3, who got the SIP trunks installed quickly. We arrived onsite, ready for the Avaya IP Office installation with the Avaya ERS 3524GT-PWR+ switch. The installation went smoothly. Ready for the cutover, and up everything came. The SIP trunks had fantastic sound quality! The service providers techs were surprised and impressed that we got the cutover done so quickly. They mentioned the headaches and the lengthy time spent when encountering installers that don't know anything about SIP. It was a nice pat on the back!

Even better was the email thank you from our client! If you are a company looking for an Avaya IP Office VoIP solution installation and would like to talk to this customer for a reference, give us a call or email. Tell us what you would like us to quote, and we will share our reference with you!

"Just wanted to share my appreciation for the great work your team has done in getting us setup in Columbus - professional, skilled and VERY accommodating.   Please do always consider us as a reference for you whenever you need.  I would be happy to talk to any prospects to let them know how great your team is.

The phone system has been working great.

Once we catch our breath (does it ever happen?), I would like to get back together to discuss the upgrade of our Chicago office.   

Thanks again,

Bishop Computer
Avaya Business Partner
Microsoft Partner
Dell Partner

*** We are authorized, certified and experienced. And we are still cheaper in service price than most companies out there. You can't get any better than that!***

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