Thursday, April 10, 2014

Avaya IP Office Support

When your IP Office isn't working like it should, that can be very frustrating to you and your customers. A company phone system is usually the first point of contact with clients. If it's not working properly, business is hard to conduct. Are customers getting busy signals? Are voicemails working? Is your auto-attendant sending customers to the wrong extension or into the dreaded loop? Ok, some customers want you to go into the voicemail never ending loop. We don't judge. Be that as it may,  Bishop Computer can assist you.

Bishop Computer is an authorized Avaya Business Partner. We have years of experience and we're certified on Avaya IP Office. We've installed, programmed, trained, maintained and supported IP Office since the first IP Office system came out. We still provide support for the Merlin and Partner systems as well.

Just last week we provided remote support for a client to fix some programming issues. As for voicemail? They had a Voicemail Pro license, but the voicemail was set up on embedded instead. The client then decided they would have us come out and upgrade their system to the latest release (they were at 8.0) and have a server ready to install Voicemail Pro. This particular client had (21) 9508 phones and (1) 1416 with the sidecar but it was the BM32 module, not the DBM32 module. No wonder the buttons couldn't be programmed! Below are the back and front pictures of the IP Office installed by a technician who definitely was not certified


Check out our qualifications and experience on our website  There are many people out there that say they support IP Office. Verify that they are an authorized Avaya Business Partner by going to the Avaya Business Partner Locator and typing in the name and city (we're in the Chicago area). There are some people out there that say they are an Avaya Business Partner when they are not. Some say they are certified, when they are not. Always verify before allowing someone to work on your system! Better yet, why not ask your installer what phone system their own company uses. If they don't use Avaya IP Office as their own phone system, why would you place your trust in them with installing yours?

Bishop Computer provides on site and remote support expertise to other Avaya Business Partners and to our own clients. We are a small, family run company, but mighty in our expertise. Try us out!

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